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Kitsap Healthy Eating,  Active Living Coalition

Kitsap Healthy Eating, Active Living Coalition

Maine Health Let’s Go (formally 5210 Let’s Go)



Schools reach children during an important period of development, in  an environment that can positively influence healthy behaviors. Children  spend the majority of their day at school and eat one or more meals,  plus snacks during that time. Combine this with educational goals  focused on positive physical, social, emotional, and academic  development and schools are an ideal location to support increased  physical activity and healthy eating.



The after school environment can play an important role in the health behaviors of children. Like schools and early childhood programs, the after school environment provides ample opportunities for  physical activity and healthy eating. In some ways, the programs have  more flexibility than public schools in making changes, and many after  school environments, such as community recreation centers, can lead the  community in creating healthy places and habits.



The child care environment can play an important role developing  health behaviors of children during formative years. Child care  activities can provide opportunities for physical activity, healthy  eating, and role models for these behaviors.

As children age, their habits solidify. Good nutrition and plenty of  physical activity are key to a young child's growth and development. The  early years of childhood – from birth to age 5 – are a critical period  for the development of these healthy behaviors that can have a lifelong  impact on a child's quality of life. 



It's not easy to talk with patients and clients about  their weight, diet, or a physical activity. Time pressure and concerns  about the reaction you may experience make addressing these issues easy  to avoid.

Kitsap HEAL wants to help make discussing these issues easier for every clinician in Kitsap County. 



We spend on average 54% of our awake time each day at work therefore,  worksites can be a powerful place for supporting healthy eating and  active living choices. Many workplaces are looking to optimize employee  health, reduce preventable health care utilization and enhance work  performance. Creating a healthy work environment by making the healthy  choice the easy choice can encourage and support employees to improve  their quality of life.



One of the biggest and toughest barriers to  overcome when you’re trying to improve your health is lack of time.  Kitsap HEAL wants to help point adults struggling with healthy eating and  active living to resources focused on quick wins and programs that are easily adaptable to your changing lifestyle. Small changes over time can  result in big health improvements!